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Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Spring to our Livers!

The Flea Market at the Onderdonk House yesterday was a success! dandEchick shared a table with delicious RawCreations made by Jan and Nick of The Body Actualized Center. The crowds loved the Dandelion coffee and I got myself some rad suspenders (barter for DandE), handmade chapsticks (barter for DandE), two amazing thrifty summer onesies with DandE profits and went home with profits to spare!  The life of a dream-chasing Entrepreneur is good. I also went home with a big-fat Revelation.
The outdoor market reminded me of the Troy Farmer's market and I realized that's what's been missing from my Brooklyn life, the nurturing- all inclusive community feel of a regularly scheduled neighborhood market.
Every Sunday in Troy truckloads of farmers, coffee-makers, bakers, musicians, florists, cheese-makers, pesto makers, artists, activists, bicyclists, wine-makers, etc, etc, etc show up from all over NY to sell, share and hang out. What it is is community at it's best. What it represents is so much bigger and more important than some yummy treats and/ or interesting accessories. Supporting local businesses means supporting your neighbors which means in a really friendly and optimistic way saying fuck you Walmart and World Bank, which at the end of the day will only make the world we live in a better place. It's about old-school integrity and connection. Connection to our earth and to each other based on structures other than corporations...stay tuned for location details. The market will be starting within a week or two.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Onderdonk Flea Market April 28th!

DandEChick will be here

Come say hello!